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Andrea has spent her career working at the intersection of journalism, activism and politics. She is an instructor at Ryerson University School of journalism in Toronto, Canada where she developed the university first queer media course and continues to teach. She’s been a staff reporter at various publications including the Toronto star; the Peterborough examiner; Xtra, Canada’s gay and lesbian news and as managing editor of Torontoist.

She has also worked for progressive politicians, helping to craft and pass groundbreaking legislation that has made Canada a safer and more accepting place for LGBTQ+ communities.

André also has a graduate diploma in Fundraising and was part of the team at Rainbow Railroad helping queer and Trans people facing persecution and displacement around the world. You can find her on twitter at @dreahouston

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Healthy and productive marginalized communities in Uganda.

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To contribute to the development of marginalized communities in delivering sustainable quality services and programs in Uganda.

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We commit to building programmes that increase confidence, knowledge, and skills.