Agriculture Project

fundraising goal of $2500

Agriculture for sustainable development is a project crafted to skill the inadequately served populations (ISPs) of persons that face a higher risk than the general population. The project intends to empower for the state 140 ISPs who affiliate and subscribe to the organization. The project targets to gainfully engage the ISPs in agriculture related activities vis-à-vis production.

The organization acquired 15 acres of land along Bombo road Wobulenzi town. A total of 140 ISPs will be mobilized to be gainfully engaged in the project. These beneficiaries will involve in activities like farming of cassava, potatoes, groundnut, vegetables, poultry farming, and piggery.

All proceeds of the project shall be deposited in a special account after which the total shall be divided among the beneficiaries of the project. This is because the project directly aims at poverty alleviation among the target beneficiaries.

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