World AIDS Day 2022 Event

December 1, 2022 Reflection, Celebration and Rejuvenation

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On December 1, join Royal Rays Initiative Uganda for a special World AIDS Day 2022 event.


Living with HIV AIDS means standing strong and using your voice to champion others in the community. It means celebrating the gay, bisexual, and queer men, sex workers, and trans individuals fighting for human rights. They are a source of inspiration for those living with HIV.

The event will include nutritional support to positive members and presentations from health workers and HIV champions as well as a moment of silence with a candle lighting in honour of those we’ve lost to HIV/AIDS within the LGBTQI+ community in Uganda and around the world.

Our featured speaker this year is Nsubuga Allan, an HIV advocate from SMUG (Sexual Minorities Uganda). SMUG has faced attacks this year.

Other speakers include Nyombi Surd, clinic specialist and HIV counsellor from Icebreakers Uganda and Muwonge Gerald, an HIV living champion and team leader from Foaster Foundation.

The 2022 event will take place on December 1. We need your help to reach our goal of $2500 as we want to expand our support of HIV-positive individuals and at-risk LGBTQI+ persons in Uganda. 


The theme for this year’s world aids day 2022 observance is “Reflection, Celebration and Rejuvenation”

This year’s theme focuses on how we can work together to end the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. In addition to raising awareness, there are several ways to help people living with HIV/AIDS. One of these ways is through education. Education helps people understand what HIV/AIDS is and how it affects them. Educating others also helps prevent the spread of the virus.


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